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Shift Labs creates well-designed devices for fast-growing healthcare sectors, everywhere from home health care in the US to clinical care in emerging markets. We emphasize both design and technology to create devices that help a diverse range of healthcare workers to provide better care in more places. We started our company to make affordable, simple, durable devices that would help advance the cause of healthcare equity around the world. We make the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor which allows clinicians to give accurate IV medication with the expense and complexity of traditional infusion delivery equipment. DripAssist has received two global health grants through the USAID and partners grand challenges programs, one from the Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge, and the other from the Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge. We also won the MedTech Innovator award for Global Health Innovator in 2017. Learn more at www.shiftlabs.com, email us at info@shiftlabs.com, or check out our videos at youtube.com/shiftlabs.


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